Collect, Collect then Select

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have noticed, although this is in by no means a conscious effort, that I have found myself, with lots of prospective bfs. Maybe it is because of my iPhone that I am now connected anywhere I go, that I can go online on romeo or grindr at whim. But yeah. I’ve found quite a few good guys this way and I’m happy about it. The other day I was in the arms of a man who was single by choice. And while hugging me, mentioned how he likes hugging me and made a joke of making me ‘his’. He also offered that I come back to his place, which I considered, given that he’d text me.

Interesting development when sometimes I’d feel that I am undesireable; someone shows up and demonstrates otherwise. But then again, usually there’s the follow-through principle to consider. There’s this guy that I met from grindr. Good-looking moreno mestizo, very hairy. And he’s the type I can talk everything about. Sometimes we talk and meet or eat. One time I invited him to workout at a local gym near where I live. He’s very smart. And together we talk about people, and how appearances can be deceiving, and our past relationships, even past mistakes. But in all this there hasn’t been one physical thing that has happened between us. Although through texts, we may joke around a bit. But one actually became real, well almost: I was out of town and replied that I would give him a ‘kabibe’ as a pasalubong since he was asking for one. And of course the silly joke of wearing just the kabibe became a staple joky retort. But then I said, “Pwede ba kiss na lang? ;)”. To which he replied, “Sige kiss ko ha.”  And I believe he has been looking forward to it. It hasn’t materialized yet but I’m wondering what will happen to what we have if  it did.

Speaking of follow-throughs, people usually give their best foot forward at the start, but to actually follow-up, and be consistent with texts, or taking some time to have lunch or dinner is a lost art. Enter, the boy.

My is he consistent. 5 years younger than me. We haven’t met yet, but he texts me oh so often. When he wakes up, lunch, dinner, when I’m on my way home from work, which he has taken note of. Oh the sincerity and naivete of the young. I’m not saying I find this bad but rather refreshing. Consistency in purpose somewhat disappears in the modern gay man as he ages. The boy has actually apologized for being ‘makulit’ – that I may have found his texting annoying. And then goes on later and says that he hopes I know its because he likes me and he’s finding a way to be ‘closer’. Cute honesty :). But I have a lot of common things with this kid, having a foreigner dad for instance who he didn’t grow up with. Maybe that’s why I kinda have a soft spot for him 🙂

There are more that I would mention. But most would fall under the prospect of sex rather than something lasting. Although, God knows I would prefer the latter. So enough blogging and  back to my life!

  1. Anonymous says:

    May I get your number? 🙂

  2. bonbon says:

    I just happen to come across your profile in PR and clicked on the link in it. I find your blogs fascinating to read.

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