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Summer Starts!

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Uncategorized


Yesterday I just came from a team outing at Club Manila East. It was really fun, letting those 7-foot artificial waves to splash you around. Now imagine a 20-foot tsunami…

Anyway, I will be in the famous beaches of Boracay on the Holy Week, along with my friends and their other social circle from Fitness First. Although I hope this adventure becomes promising (the prospected cliff-diving endeavor comes to mind…), I’m just gonna let all these stuff flow. This is my 3rd summer in Boracay and I’m not sure if I’m gonna enjoy it as much because 1. the place will feel very familiar and 2. I don’t know them(the other FF social circle) that well, although I am now a member of the group on Facebook… Apparently there IS an official group on Facebook. I haven’t been participating much in this groups gatherings that much. And I haven’t planned my wardrobe! Haha. I may need to have a mini-fashion show this coming weekend to mix and match my clothes, so that I can still buy when necessary.

My birthday is coming up! After Holy Week comes my birthday, that fateful day when all of this madness began. LOL. Some of my friends want me to celebrate it out of town, and it looks like its gonna be in Galera, the island of sin. Honestly, I haven’t been there during the height of summer, so I wouldn’t know what the place is like. Maybe it’s time I found out for myself. After all I’m still single. And since one of the guys I watched an Indie movie with (who seems like a prospect) last last weekend seems like he’s dating someone seriously… **What the hell is fucking new?** Haha. But we are texting… Although it was our first time to meet (we just got introduced), there was something, definitely a spark. Curiosity, sexual tension, or that genuine promise of a relationship from initial attraction…whatever it was, he and I both felt it. Im actually planning on inviting him to come to my birthday celebration, hope he could come. I am getting older! Damnation!

So summer is looking bright, and should be fun fun fun. After April, its gonna be serious mode, as I have gotten older, I need to re-assess my life, with particular focus on my career. I will need to step it up a little, because I may be lagging behind on my goal of earning 6 digits before I reach 30. Oh and I am actually exploring freelance options as well. Although this seems intimidating at first because this is via the web, and it definitely feels different trying to look for quick jobs with small payment. But you gotta start somewhere right? Again, baby steps. Let’s see where this will take me.