The Return of the Confused(?)

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Dating in the City, Friends or Relationships but actually anything in between

Sometimes in our moments of weakness, we cling to people we normally won’t.

Recently, I have had the strange pleasure of meeting up two guys (on different occasions), who at the time of  our first meeting, were attached. Now that they have broken up and severed ties with their ex-significant other, they now text me and ask to see me, hmmm.

Exhibit A: The guy from a previous blog entry. In an open relationship. Cute although chubby, hairy. Very sensitive to people’s feelings, although very straight-forward. When I met him again, we had coffee as he recounted the events that have transpired, or the jist of it, leading to their separation. I was sad for him, because they’ve been together for 7 years. They own property together and may have other significant ‘conjugal’ investments. He has always shown his liking for me; through texts, on facebook, on YM. And even in person, he would say ‘you know how much I like you right?’ But I don’t know. I do not want to jump into conclusions. Although I have mentioned before that I could date him if he were single, I may have changed my mind. I’m not sure of the reason though, but anyway I’m sure he’s not likely to get attached just yet. I gave him the advice we all usually tell people from break-ups: “Enjoy being single!” And being gay, we all know how fun being single can be 😛

Exhibit B: Like Exhibit A, we met during a tough time in their relationship. He flirted with me and was probably mad and testing the waters. We talked for more than an hour or so. I did have a crush on him, but when we parted ways and he didn’t reply when I texted, I knew better. He didn’t need me in his life, especially during a rough patch in a relationship, right? It’ll just make matters worse so I deleted his number. Three years later, he texts me. And reintroduces himself when I asked who it was and luckily, I remembered. He picked me up and well, was more aggressive than Exhibit A when it came to the meet-up’s purpose. Let’s just say we drove-in to a motel and did what we could not do 3 years ago. He however was I think 36 years old, 10 years older than me. He’s still cute, but has gained weight. And like Exhibit A, I think, I do not like him as much anymore.

So what do I make of this? Am I potential boyfriend material after all? Or do I just represent the prospect of hot sex that they haven’t had the opportunity of having?


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