Condura Run 2011 etc.

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized


First 10km race. And I finished real slow! Haha. Around 1hr 15mins. Which shouldn’t be that bad because I really don’t do much cardio and I’ve only been to two 5km runs. This was a whole new experience for me, and this was a freakin skyway marathon. I thought the uphill parts would be easy… Lets just say I underestimated this a bit 😛 Anyway, instead of looking for man-candy after the run, which of course there would be, I was actually sad the whole time to actually even bother. Why?

You see, I met this guy. Of course, you knew it would be about a man. But no, he’s not your ordinary man. He is the man that I would like to be my boyfriend. He is NOT the one I mentioned in my previous blog entry, but someone else I met a week ago. He’s very good-looking, a little chubby yes, but handsome. A little soft-spoken, but I don’t care. It has actually come to the point that I wanted to take care of him… Weird huh? Like, I would like to have him in my arms and hug him and say everything’s gonna be alright. Sort of like that. Yes, we’ve had sex, and he enjoyed it.  We both agreed to just have a wholesome date, but he couldn’t fight the urge. He said it was his first time to have an orgasm, being fucked, without touching his dick. Only a few days ago, Friday, after chatting on the phone the night before, he’s chosen to ignore all my calls and texts. Can you say what the fuck?

So I met him before the race yesterday. At around 5AM he was there, accompanying his friend, and as Fate would like to have it, we bumped into each other. In my bewilderment, I didn’t even know what I said to him. All I remember was that he replied, “Let’s talk later”. I might have said, “How? You are not replying to my texts…”, but I don’t clearly recall. I remember him saying something like “…when I’m no longer preoccupied”. With what? I should’ve asked. I just let him walk back to his car since he said he was gonna jog around Bonifacio High Street.

What has actually happened here? We were fine and sweet days before and then he suddenly decides to shut me out? I actually asked him if it was ok for me to text or call him often. He said that no one is texting him anyway. If so, what is the matter? He just came out of a relationship 3 months ago that has, I think, greatly affected his life. Is he afraid of me coming into the picture? Or was he busy learning their family business? Has the pressure finally gotten to him? He’s just 25 after all. But I don’t mind one text. Just one text containing a piece of his mind, of what really is the matter. Because I feel like a plastic bag floating through the wind <- (Yay! Katy Perry – Firework). Seriously, I feel really bad about this that I wanna stop seeing people for the time being. He hurt me. I should at least know why I’m hurting.

So as I ran that 10km race, my thoughts were filled with what ifs. And my phone’s message alert tone actually inspired me to keep going and finish the race; that he might have finally texted me after seeing me. But nay, much to my dismay, it wasn’t him.


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