I was at BED Malate with a group of friends, who also had a group of friends, last Saturday night. It was actually the most fun I had in this bar EVARRR. And in all this intermingling, socializing and mild flirting, my crush was there, who I knew I’d like the moment I laid eyes on him. He’s as tall as me, big, fit, although he says he’s obese type-1 (lol), very exotic-looking and manly. HE IS MY TYPE. Need I say more.

As I am typing now I don’t even know what to say… I have a BIG crush on him. And as we danced and held hands and hugged for quite some time, we didn’t say so much of a word. Like what is up with that? Here is the scenario:

  • This is our first meeting
  • I have a group of friends. He has a group of friends.
  • My group of friends is trying to get to know his group of friends.
  • My friends introduced me to his group of friends before (he wasn’t there).
  • They introduced us.
  • We danced together shirtless for quite a long while, without saying a word…we just hugged and held hands.
  • One of his friends is saying that we look good together (lit. trans. “Bagay kayo”). He even was teasing us to kiss only my crush was preoccupied with someone else at that time dammit.
  • My friend said that he did not take that other guy’s number… (implications?)
  • He forgot my name! But he asked it for it when our groups parted ways.


I HAVE NEVER LIKED ANYONE LIKE THIS IN A LONG TIME. What is he thinking? What did he think about me? Does he even like me at all or know that I exist? What should I do? Wait it out? Do I add him on Facebook since two of his friends already added me? If I add him what will that mean?  Or do I wait to see him again next time since our groups are well, slowly converging?

Why didn’t we talk that much, was he analyzing this as much as I was analyzing it? Where we confused at what this meant? Us being in a group of friends trying to get to know each other… Do we socialize with the intent of say, being friends or something more? Was he thinking of this as well?

I’ve been so single so long that I am at a loss. My heart beats faster when I think about him, and that happens quite frequently now… Oh my God. Is this what I think this is?

  1. paci says:

    is this a classic example of infatuation?
    isn’t it a good but weird feeling?
    just let it take you where it’s supposed to..
    you’ll snap out of it in time. or it’ll get worse(?)

  2. just riding this feeling out to whatever pitiful place I may find myself into 😛

  3. paci says:

    perhaps, if you can, just enjoy the thrill and excitement of it all.

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