The Proposal

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last Saturday, I decided to hangout with one guy I had met at romeo. We live 5 mins away from each other, and he just wants to have some new friends in the area, ‘tropa’ as he would like to put it. I thought that it was just going to be me and his 2 friends that’ll hangout. After an hour, at Starbucks, there was already eight of us.

At first glance, we were all coming from different backgrounds, having different personalities, and given the amount of time all of us spent together, some of us didn’t even get to mingle at all. After Starbucks we decided to go to a bar frequented by the likes of us. One didn’t want to go because he doesn’t want to be seen in such a place (oh don’t we all know what’s that like) but in the end gave-in to peer pressure. We didn’t even get to order drinks. The group was so disconnected that the instigator (my new acquaintance), who called up and invited these people, was busy playing with his phone and the pictures stored in them while showing them to one particular guy. I felt out of place yeah, but not so much. I mean, I tried to talk to them yes. But a real conversation, an exchange of thoughts and experiences didn’t at all happen. Not to underestimate my new acquaintance’s people skills but he should’ve been the one to facilitate this group of people somehow, but I guess he ‘trusted’ us so much (?) that we will all get along just fine. One of the guys there was really cute, but he chose to raise his psychological barrier up while I was trying to lower mine… so basically nothing happened and we didn’t get to talk much. Sometimes people play hard-to-get at the wrong instances. Which is why I love my two social circles. I mean I can introduce any friend to them and after that they become close. Or maybe I really am just a good judge of character? Well it would be really hard to predict the group dynamic of eight people, I’d have to give him that.

So two of the guys went ahead after the show was over (without saying a word), followed by the initiator and his friend (who didn’t want to go in but enjoyed the show anyway LOL). I decided to stay, because the cute guy was there haha, and they didn’t even make an effort to talk to me! I asked them if they’d like to get drinks but they didn’t seem too excited with the idea… So I said I’ll just go down, but I got bored… So I decided to leave.

I was a few paces out of the bar when a guy who was changing his shirt from the back of his car trunk gestured for me to come to him. I gestured by pointing to myself (as in who me?) he said yes, so I approached. He said if I go to the bar, I said I was already on my way home. He insisted I stay and have a few drinks with him. So as not to be rude I did. He got my name and my number although I hesitated to give it (damn I’m too nice). Little did this guy know that I already know who he is. He’s the bar’s part owner. My friend’s partner told me about him. And back inside the bar he got me drinks for free. After an hour or so, he said let’s go and he’d take me home. But I knew it was not at all going to end this way.

So, I pleaded nicely for him to take me home. Because I knew we were heading straight to a motel. I didn’t want to have sex with him. Yeah he looks so clean and nice, not bad-looking, very tall, in his early 30’s, but no. I told him I’m really sleepy, he said we’ll just sleep… so at the back of my head, “Like the hell we are! We are in a freaking motel!” Of course something did happen, I tried to stop him but he said, please. He said he was top but I adamantly countered all his attempts at penetration. So he ended up servicing me  LOL. And by the way his weener is like half of mine, like what’s up with that? LOL. I like my tops humongous. Kidding aside, what is up with this rich, young entrepreneur. Besides the fact that he was down with ecstasy, which would explain how his extremities felt real cold to the touch and he was sweating profusely at the bar, I wasn’t sure if he was thinking straight. He said, “From now on, ikaw na ang baby ko…”I was like WTF? We just met!”

Anyway he did take me home after that (and I’m not even sure if he came) and he said that he hopes that we keep in touch and that I will reply to his texts etc. And he said he’s had his eye on me before only he was shy because he thought I was this guy’s partner bla bla. This got me all thinking. Am I just choosy as hell? Here’s  a nice guy with a good family background, rich, not bad-looking, but the spark, the excitement, the attraction is not there. Am I looking/waiting for something that will never come? Why can’t I ever hit the target? Why is there always something missing?

Will I have to settle for something, dare I say it, less?


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