Damsel in Distress

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Its not everyday that the SOCO (Scene of the Crime Operatives) appears at the front of your apartment’s gate. As it turns out, someone almost died in one of our front apartments.

The apartment belonged to a few gay parloristas. The apartment was actually transformed into a residential parlor. I don’t personally know them but the real tenant of the place, lets call her Vanessa, was stabbed multiple times on his neck, one of which pierced his throat. He fought back, which caused him to have other slices in his arms and in his face. Witnesses say that blood gushed out of her neck like those in the movies… Kill Bill suddenly comes to mind. I was home when all of this happened. This freakish incident happened around 2am, and I slept early that night because I was not feeling well… if I wasn’t I probably would’ve witnessed these first-hand, and might’ve fainted from the blood found everywhere (I’m hemophobic). “Parang katayan sa loob ng bahay” witnesses say. Vanessa was screaming for his life when one of our neighbors passed by. They chased the guy who apparently was pretty young, around 21 years old, but failed since they were old men and had weak lungs. But the assailant surrendered to the police the next day. This man brought the knife he used to try and kill Vanessa and as investigations continue, is the boyfriend of one of the gay tenants there. And so the plot thickens.

We at the house were like, whoa, you only experience these from the movies and then, reality bites. We were oblivious to any of this because our apartment is in the inner compound. All windows closed, inside a closed room with an air conditioner turned on, so yeah, we couldn’t hear a thing. My mom says that Vanessa plans to leave the apartment and recuperate in the province.

I was sad for Vanessa, well I still am. Because unlike her gay friends that I see hanging out there, he was the quiet and serious one. Apparently, Mom tells me he gains most of his income from doing the make-up of showbiz personalities, and recently got a contract to do the make-up of one of the country’s matinee idols. As investigations uncover more truths, the assault seems more and more premeditated. The killer knew when to strike, knew when Vanessa was alone in the apartment, when he received a large amount of money… and just signed that make-up deal. The assailant was somewhat stupid enough to text someone about what he should do during the murder attempt, because the reply was “Tuluyan mo na yan”. So the accomplice exists, and so was the intent to kill.

We thought at first that this was one of those crimes of passion stuff you see in the news and movies. Now, the angle of peer jealousy is looked at. It can only be just one of them. One from their group who planned this all, who was extremely envious of the luck he’s had and wanted it, or just wanted him out of the way. Movie translated into real life right there. What kind of human was the one who plotted this? I’m not going to try and understand a psychotic madman’s mind but did he/she think that a relatively harmless person needed to die just so that he can get what he wants?

We truly live in dangerous times people.


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