Who Your Friends Are

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Saturday night, I attended a surprise party for one of my friends. The only guys invited are people who are close to his life; I, apparently his friend for five years. Its a funny story how we met. In the advent of chatting and yahoo messenger, we decided to meet after knowing the fact we’re practically neighbors. We met on the night before my 21st birthday. And the rest is history.

So there were originally 8 people who arrived in Madison, Greenbelt 5. One of them, a close co-worker of theirs (since most of them practically are officemates or work in the same industry) who was a pretty, chubby, mixed-race girl, was introduced to me. And was I surprised that she said she practically knew me. For some reason, I have been introduced to her as one of the celebrant’s friends who had a big penis and who’d go inside a restroom and come out with a date. I was like WTF? Is this how you introduce me to other people? I wanted to get mad, but it would ruin the celebration and the night ahead since we were to go to the White Party at Malate, which I even had no intention of participating.

Like yeah great you also tell them we’ve know each other for five years, but how much do you really know of me? Life is not like some stand-up comedy that everything needs to be entertaining and funny. Of all the things we’ve shared, of all the things you MAY know about me, this is what you tell people I don’t even know? Like, “I got a mixed race friend who’s got a giant penis bla bla bla”. I mean if this is any indication of how deep our friendship is, then, I gotta re-evaluate how I’m spending time with these people. I don’t really like hanging out with them for long periods of time because they are the “OUT” crowd and I, of course, still want to maintain my discreet status. I’m just being a good friend, but apparently, my considerations need consideration.

So when we were in the car (a girl was driving, I’ve known her for a while too) to Malate, I thought I’d bring up my Papi and my situation. There were 4 of them and nobody even bothered to listen LISTEN. Instead, they asked “Is he big?”, “What did you guys do?”, “Who fucked who?” etc. In the back of my head I was like, “What the hell is wrong with these people? Here I am trying to pour my heart out to people I think are my friends and that’s all they want to know?” So I shut the fuck up and let them change the topic which they were so good at anyway. Which leads me to have I been spending my time with the right people? Because after this, I felt like I would’ve had better luck sharing my woes to a stranger. Or is this partly my fault since I unconsciously maintain a secretive, mysterious facade that they don’t know me that well? Whatever the reason, I feel I don’t wanna join them to watch Eclipse on Wednesday. I don’t care if they bother and get reservations. I feel like I’d have a better time watching it alone.

  1. Jareth says:

    and I was just gonna ask you if I could hang out with you and your friends one time. lol

  2. poi says:

    awwwe. that’s sad. 😦

    i have friends who i just met and we seem to be more “friends” than my other friends who i’ve known for more than 5 years. 🙂

    the number of years don’t define the depth of your friendship with other people . instead, it’s the breadth of significant experiences that you have shared with them. 🙂

    let’s be friends! 🙂

  3. GM says:

    Dude! If my friends are spreading word that I’ve got a big penis, I’d be proud! hahaha! And i hate to say this but it was your friend’s birthday so the focus should be on him. Now if it was your birthday and your so called friends were like oblivious to your heartaches and to your problems, well that’s another story. But i’d say, this bunch is your fair weather friends. Treat them as such and don’t expect too much.

  4. poi says:

    btw, i’m serious with the “let’s be friends” thing. LOL!

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