Local Choices

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Dating in the City

With regards to my love life and social life, there have been LOTS of activity.

My Latino papi and I have been chatting on Facebook, well I think we’ve ditched email as our default means of communication. Its funny that he’s asking me about some of the pictures I have uploaded where I’m with other guys… coz he’s getting jealous. And he’s even commented on one of them: “don’t like it that he’s so close to you…” LOL. Anyway, I have been talking to my bisexual friend again (who just had his first bf) and he’s been telling me not to give everything on this. I hear him of course. After all, papi’s so far away, and what if someone comes along? (more on this later). He’s just being a nice friend by saying “you can still play around if you want”. But yeah, if and when he DOES come back to the Philippines this becomes a whole different ball game.

So, since I have been complaining about Cupid sleeping through his job in my life, I am now, inexplicably, presented with local choices.

1. Guy A. Met him through Romeo. Young. 23 years old. Still immature. Likes me. Very much. But as of Monday suddenly has a bf he does not love. WTF. And he still likes me… Not falling for this though. Meeting him though with friends. Next.

2. Guy B. Half-Fil Half-Spanish. My age. Haven’t met yet. Thoroughly convinced he is a hottie. Has got lots of suitors. Into clubbing, high society, maybe a socialite. Texts me like crazy like I’m his Twitter account.

3. Guy C. One of my bestfriend’s new buddies (He’s trying to expand our circle) And this guy is cute. Last Saturday, I was in a bar with a different group of friends, and he was there with them. My bestfriend pulled me to him so that he can introduce us.  My bestfriend’s partner texted me about a run coming up, Kenny Roger’s I think, where you’d need to run in pairs. I said I have no buddy, and I asked about this cute guy as a joke. It turns out, that this guy likes me (according to them?). And they’re probably trying to set us up as we speak.

4. Guy D. The sweet 41-year old guy who looks like he’s 30. He’s in a previous blog entry. He was sad I met the Brazilian guy. We were chatting thru YM and I said he hasn’t even tried to court me. LOL. “Uso pa ba yun?”, he says. I said, “Yeah kahit one week lang haha”. So I said, “you can start tomorrow”. He said, “I’m gonna start now”. And he flooded my yahoo chat window with “love you’s”…

Ok. Now I’m confused. And of course there’s Papi. I’m happy that him and I are in touch. He says that he’s gonna work now and save money so that he can come back and visit me and its so gonna be worth it… Awww.. I just wanna melt in my chair. And he wants to come back SOON. I told him there’s no pressure but he says he wants to at around September or November, maybe earlier. But what if the unexpected happens and I fall in love with someone here? Frankly, I don’t wanna think about it yet. For now, I’m just gonna be thankful for the fact that I get to choose.

  1. Orientgeeq says:

    Wow. When it rains, it pours.

  2. GM says:

    Is silversplinter finally soaring? Methinks so. Congratulations!

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