Long weekend. It felt like a LOOOONG weekend because a lot of stuff happened:

My crush and I didn’t get to meet Sunday because apparently he was drinking straight Friday til Saturday (and he was unreachable during this time). He was still recovering from a bad hangover. He texted me on his own (yipee!) Sunday lunch time to tell me that and if we can resked for next week. So, I did make ‘paawa’ by saying I reserved my entire day for us. So he was texting sorry again LOL. I tried to call him on his cel but he couldn’t hear me, so he texted that he’ll just call me up at home (landline). We talked for like 30 minutes about different stuff. And I was also trying to make him feel guilty at the same time haha. And it was cute that he’d say he’s so embarrassed and ashamed that I went through all the trouble to fix that day for us. He asked me if I already went to church and then, I’d say weren’t we supposed to go to church today? LOL. And he’d get embarrassed again and say sorry. He asked if I was staying at home, I said yes, no plans yet. We said goodbye when he said he’d just eat. And guess what, he called me again after an hour! Again on his own! I didn’t text him to call me again. Aren’t we making progress? And we talked again for another 30 feel good minutes about guess what, our quarter-life crisis. He’s also thinking about what he’s done so far in his life and what’s he gonna be doing 5 years from now… and he’d like a different career too. Great huh?

So I met someone from the site Sunday late afternoon since I was completely free haha. And this guy was worth it. He was hot, passionate and romantic. My kind of guy. Somewhere between our sexy moans and torrid kisses, the age question popped up. And was I surprised to know that he was 41 freakin’ years old… He’d definitely pass for someone in his 30’s! I said to myself, ‘When I reach 40, I am gonna be as hot and as cute as him’ LOL. What I liked about him, besides the fact he was virile, was that he was sweet. He would stare in my eyes and tell me how hot I was, and ask where have I been all his life, and say “Ang sarap mo” at least 30 times… After the sex, I said I was hungry. He apologized because he usually does not have food stocked up at home because he eats outside. He suggested nearby food establishments but in the end, he prepared dinner for me!; he cooked some soup, reheated some rice and laing and we ate. And in between all this we’d smack and kiss. When he was washing the dishes I’d stand beside him and we’d kiss again. I stayed in his place for 4 hours. And if he didn’t have any work to do that night I probably would’ve stayed longer. He said he was getting too fond of me but he’s got work to do. Interesting fact though is that he ‘sees’ me. He was quite sure that I was a good guy that was why he said he liked me all the more. Damn, why cant guys my age be more like him? Hot, interesting and real?

Today I come in the office on a half-day. I spent last night hanging out with my bisexual friend from a previous blog entry and his problematic bf.  It seems like they’ve gotten over their issues quite well. I just gotta say his bf really is hot though. We got drunk over 2 buckets of Red Horse, that’s 4 bottles each. I haven’t drunk that much beer in my life, coz beer really isn’t my default alcoholic drink. I think I may have made a new friend with my friend’s bf and it seems like that I’ll become a bodyguard again. Although it doesn’t really look  like he needs any guarding in that sense. He’s bigger than me, more buff, but I’m taller 🙂 There’s this one gay hangout place in Cubao that he goes to. I’ve been there myself, so my friend, has allowed me to accompany his bf to this bar, if and when he does go. No problem with me though. And would you believe me when I say that you can see/sense love? Because seeing them together, I could feel it. I can see it in their eyes, the way they look at each other… It’s love, love, love.

So yeah busy busy weekend 😀


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