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Posted: June 11, 2010 in Dating in the City

Remember my blog entry Wish me well? Its been 2 weeks since then and I have, well, asked him out again. I’ve been texting him, but not everyday, for these past weeks, and thank Jesus he’s replying. So the other day, I mustered all my courage to invite him again. He works at graveyard hours (callcenter), 10pm to 7am, so I time my texts when he’s about to go to work or about to go home. He’s free on weekends.

Last Tuesday.

Me: Musta work? Uy free knb ds coming wikend? Sama tau magsimba. kahit san bsta mgksma tayo. Tpos kain tyo pgktapos. Ok lng b? ๐Ÿ˜‰

~ texted this around 8am. No reply for hours. Was thinking my text sounded too cheesy… I was about to give up when in the afternoon…

Crush: Jst woke up. Ok cge wlng prblema ๐Ÿ˜‰

Me: Great. Txt kta kung sabado or sunday tau ๐Ÿ˜€

Crush: Sunday nlng para nkphnga nko ng sat. Ingat pauwi, maulan.

– it rained at around 5-6pm. When I got this text I was fidgety like a little girl. Kinilig ako ๐Ÿ˜›

Me: Cge sunday then. Thanks!

Today. Friday.

Me: Ingat ka sa pag-uwi. San pla tayo simba sunday? San kb nagsisimba?

~ again this was around 8am

Crush: Wrk pako. Kht san kw bhla.

Me: OT? Umm cge d2 nlng sa —–. Kita tayo malapit samen. Wat tym ka out?

Crush: Out nko 8. Coding lng kc kya napa shot pko. Hehe

Me: Hehe. Uy, ingat sa pagdrive ah. Tawagan kita ok lng?

Crush: later nlng. My kainuman kc ko mga straight d nla alam. Bka mrinig nla lalaki kausap ko.

Me: Ok cge. Lemme know, kol kta.

~ then I waited for 1 1/2 hours. No text. I didn’t want to be annoying so I prevented myself from calling him. It was already lunch time, so I texted again.

Me: Musta inuman? Nkauwi ka na?

~ No reply.ย  I couldn’t hold it any longer and dialed. Its been almost 2 hours since anyway. No answer ๐Ÿ˜ฆ An hour later…

Crush: Hme na. About 2 sleep.

I immediately dialed. He answered. We talked for a little bit. Asked if he was drunk because he was talking unbelievably fast it was all gibberish to me. LOL. He said that he may be commuting on Sunday and he’s ok going to church near our place. He said let’s ‘text text’. ‘Ok then’, I said, ‘Goodnight, pahinga ka na’. And hung up.

Haay… Does he even know why I’m asking him out? Does he know that if this goes well I’m going to court him? I can feel a hint of concern from him, like when he’d text back immediately when he reads my texts late or when he said ‘Ingat, pag-uwi maulan’. Kilig again. Or is it just me? Hahaha. I see him as a potential boyfriend and I haven’t felt this way for so long with a guy; the feeling that you want to take care ofย  the person (and make him yours LOL) and give him everything you possibly can… Oh God, please let this happen.

Maybe I should’ve named this entry Wish me well pt.2.

  1. DM says:

    As always, I can relate to this post. LOL

    Although based on my experience (your story can turn out different) every time I was into a certain “guy” or crush I’d do the same thing. Making kulet. Follow up on him. You text then he answers. Then you become impatient when he doesn’t reply right away. Or if he replies, it’s a one-liner reply. Instead of making the effort to text the simple word “thanks”, he opted to send the abbreviated version “tnx”.

    Wala man lang ka initiative or effort. Haaay. I’m jaded. LOL

    So my lesson learned was if he doesn’t show consistency, effort, and INITIATIVE to do the first step, I’d say the guy is just not into you. Maybe he is just being courteous(?) or it is just part of his SOP to reply. And maybe you’re just one of his options.

    I hope I didn’t dishearten you in anyway with my comment. LOL

    I wish you well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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