My Mutant Power

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Friends or Relationships but actually anything in between

If I had any mutant power to speak of, it would be that I can ‘read’ people. Sure I would’ve liked to have Cyclops’ eyebeams or be Master of Magnetism, or be possessed by a cosmic entity such as the Phoenix, but you gotta work with what you have right? LOL. Mind you this is not telepathy. This is some sort of like a ‘sense’ or a ‘feeling’ of what a person is like.

Some people actually have the power to see auras and their colors; and these colors have corresponding characteristics. One guy I met before said that I had a bright yellow aura, and it felt quite nice (or because I was nice), I forgot. Well anyway my ability is kinda like that without the colors haha. Its just that I can read what a person is like, or maybe, stereotype him immediately, and I’m accurate 95% of the time.

Maybe it has to do with me being able to have met different types of persons in my life that I can do this. Because there are always clues, hints as to what a person is like. Say for example, you are walking by a narrow, busy corridor and there’s this person in front of you who is walking slowly (and annoyingly) at the middle. What does this tell you? This tells me that this person is usually pre-occupied by himself, and sees himself as the main-act of his social circle. He or she believes that he is in control of his life or his destiny, or on the contrary, is desperately trying to… since being in the middle of something usually portrays the role of arbiter, of someone in command, in power. Also, he does not care if there are others who may like to walk ahead of him because he is content with where he is and is detached to anything that does not involve him. He may not like  to watch the news or read about current events because this does not immediately concern him. He or she  may also get easily get surprised or startled since he is not aware of the things around him. The effect is magnified if the aforementioned person is wearing headphones. LOL. What if a mugger or a psychotic madman tried to stab him from the back?  I can also say that he likes to take the day at a time or I may even go and say he’s got a ‘come what may’ attitude. This coupled with the fact that he feels everything revolves around him usually isn’t a nice combination. So there.

Of course these are all initial assumptions and may not all come together. The person’s face, the way he talks and carries himself, cancels out or adds to my current reading. So 30 minutes should be long enough to give me an idea of what a person is like. There are only a few people I can’t ‘read’. And these are the enigmas that well, strike terror into my heart. I’m the scheming, calculating, planning type of person and I usually come to battle prepared as often as possible. But encountering these types are like reading a brick wall. Its either that or there are too many possible interpretations, like an abstract piece of art.

I had coffee with a guy from the site a few days ago and by the way we exchanged messages and the way he talked, I could genuinely say he is ‘mabait’. I mean really. And I was not surprised that he’d call me up on the phone just to talk for almost an hour. Because by the way I ‘read’ him or his situation, it felt like he needed me. I just couldn’t explain it then. Or when we were about to meet, he called a few minutes before so that he can buy my drink for me before I got to the coffee shop or that he would offer to get me water. I mean I didn’t know the extent of his kindness until he told me his story:

He just broke up from a 3-year relationship. His ex, who I now consider as one of the most evil persons I have ever heard of, took most of their expensive stuff (like branded clothes, shoes) when he left since they were living together. The ex, did the unthinkable when they broke up, the apex of our discreet fears… he exposed this guy to his family, his peers and his work prematurely. He even told stories of their gay relationship that straight people may not want to listen to. His family is a straight-Catholic, virtuous family and this was a devastating blow to them; that even his Mother tried to commit suicide. I was appalled and incredulous. I mean if this happened to me, I would hunt him down and make him pay with whatever means necessary. And his mother, OMG. If this happened to my mother, I could’ve probably killed the son of a bitch. No one ever dare try and hurt my mother. All of this because of infidelity. The ex being the slut that he is turned the story around on this nice guy. And now he’s suffering at home and at work for it. And he has done nothing to get back at the asshole, nothing.

So being the nice guy that I am, I invited him to go for a massage because I felt like he desperately needed relaxation. Since my two best friends were also going, I coerced him to come along. At first he was very hesitant because he was afraid his older brother might know and tell on him but I insisted LOL. He says that he feels at peace with my company anyway. So it turned out fun. Aside from reading people, I’m a good judge of character. I was sure he would get along with my friends so they did 😀 I just felt like this person probably feels like he’s starting all over again. It’s like people are seeing him as if he were a different person, and he’s also lost someone he’s trusted for 3 years. I wanted to make him feel a little better, even for a few hours. Most of all, because I am the first person he met at romeo, I better give him a good impression, I better give him hope. Because that’s all he’s got right now, hope that there are still some things good out there to look forward to.

  1. MD says:

    Talk about mutant powers, I’d say you are a literal Angel. Bless you and more power! 🙂

  2. poi says:

    i chanced upon your blog earlier this week. yesterday, i had my pc reformatted. then, it occurred to me that i solely relied on Chrome’s autofill to find your blog. i tried all morning to find your blog but to no avail. i was fidgety and panicking the entire morning until i found a way to find you. all i used were the keywords wordpress and “one-wayed.” good thing there’s google. hahaha! 🙂 nice read btw. i can relate to almost everything. except the meeting up guys part. :p

    • Wow… you really put in some effort! Well, I’m basically normal, except for the, yeah, meeting up guys part LOL. Nice to know someone’s interested and reading my shit! 😀

      • poi says:

        haha. i’m sure you know how IT-guys have that certain way of yoinking information from the net. 🙂 not shit at all, dude. not at all. i can relate about the work, the teammates, and other career-related stuff. but the guys part, i’m on the timid side. wall-flower much? haha!

      • Good thing I checked that tickbox that lets my blog be “searchable”. If not, I would’ve lost one of the few who read my shit LOL. I better come up with a career-related blog entry for you soon hehe 🙂

      • poi says:

        LOL! no need for that. just continue writing. and i’ll continue reading. 🙂 such is the way of the blogosphere. 🙂

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