Nature Valley Run 2010

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Friends or Relationships but actually anything in between

Run for Nature. Run for Fitness.

Really felt like I achieved something when I finished that 5k marathon. I mean there’s really a sense of achievement, especially since this is my first marathon EVAR. Lol. Anyway, being used to conjuring worst-case scenarios, I thought that I’d be heaving when I reached 3k but guess what, I wasn’t really breathing heavily. I learned on the fly to control my breathing because when I didn’t, I started hyperventilating and that’s when you feel tired.  I was like 1-2-3-4 -exhale 1-2-3-4 -exhale. Something else bothered me though. My feet. I wasn’t wearing running shoes, I was sporting something more like walking/gimik shoes haha. Just when I saw the 4k sign, my feet were killing me. Jeez, if I’m gonna join a marathon again I better buy myself some freakin’ running shoes. So, 35:37. Average. But I was expecting myself to do worse 😛 Now where is that photo of me and Coach Rio… Better have that up on facebook!

Yeah lots of man-candy during the run. But didn’t get to flirt/get to know anyone haha. I saw this one guy who’s running in 10k that I met before in a bar. He’s buff but a little short. We met twice but when I told him I’d like to date him, he suddenly lost interest LOL. I still have one of his T-shirts that he lent me haha. He doesn’t want it back anyway coz its damaged :D. One guy approached me and I know I knew him but when I was drawing names from my memory banks, I was getting blanks… (ooh that rhymes :P) But we talked anyway about what race are you in etc. That lasted for 30 seconds. And for the rest of the ride home I was trying to remember who this person was and where I met him. I’m usually good with faces and places; where I met the person and what he looks like but I was scanning through memory, thinking of places where I may have met him but nothing.

So tired as I was, lying on the bed, I received this text message: “Musta takbo?”. That’s when it hit me. How can I forget? I’ve been to this guy’s place for like 4 (or 5)  times! He only had a red bandanna on and I couldn’t recognize him? Man, I’m getting old. He’s this short but gymfit, very masculine bottom guy that texts me every time he needs a good f*ck. Well our relationship hasn’t progressed away from this and by current standards, I could say he and I are occasional FuBus. Its been almost 2 years or so that we’ve known each other. And now that I think about it, this guy and I are sexually compatible. We get along pretty well. Why aren’t him and I together? What’s stopping me from starting a relationship with him? Or am I afraid to just scare him off as well? What is the universe trying to tell me here? What if I’m waiting for a strike of lightning only to realize he’s just been a light breeze, always blowing, faint, but always there? How would I freakin’ know? Damn. Gotta hate it when there are more questions than answers.

  1. MD says:

    The question is “are you 2 compatible beyond the bed?”

    It happened to me not so long ago. I let my hormones decide for me to enter a relationship. I did. But later on I realized it’s way hard to sustain the relationship.

    Up to you 🙂

    • Yeah that’s probably the reason why it has stayed that way for almost two years. It is literally kind of like a ‘f*ck and go’ arrangement; it works, but only to that point. The dynamics of human interaction never cease to fascinate and confuse me at the same time 😛

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