Wish me well

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Dating in the City

It has been ages since I’ve met someone I really like. Last weekend, was one of those fortunate instances. He was nice, concerned, very manly, cute and ‘astig’. He was just a little smaller than me but it doesn’t matter. I LIKE HIM. I just wish that we really do get to know each other better. When he was driving me home, he squeezed my thigh and said, ‘Sana maulit to ah’, I replied by saying, “It’s up to you”. I blurted that out of nowhere because I knew right there and then that I already liked him. Not like as in in-love like. The kind of like that says you’d like to be with the person and get to know him better given the chance. And that I would meet him up in a heartbeat if he asked me to. So it was up to him if he’d like to see me again or throw me away like a used rag. Jaded as I am, I was really not expecting to hear from him again, but guess what, he’s replying to my texts! And when I called him earlier he answered immediately after like one ring. So that was something. I just felt like an ass because I forgot where he lived.

I was asking him out although this wasn’t your usual ask-a-person-out-for-a-date thing. I, well, asked him if we could go to church together. When we met, he mentioned going to church after he wakes up. So, this week, since I really wanted to go to church anyway, and thank God for the blessings he’s given me (more on this on a different blog entry), I remembered him, and thought hey, why don’t he and I go to church together? Only, they’ve got a team building this weekend so yeah. He offered next week though and he said we keep in touch. So I’m still doing good I guess. I’m just bummed that he doesn’t text me on his own yet. He’s just replying. But gotta be happy for the small things, right? Baby steps, baby steps.

  1. Yas says:

    Yoo remind me of the song crawl by chris brown.

    baby steps, yeah. i wish you luck.

  2. Divine Madness says:

    Best wishes! :p

  3. GM says:

    if he is really into you….. he won’t take baby steps. he would grab you by the balls and you’d feel how he wants you badly. Not next week, not tomorrow. but today. But of course that’s just every PLU’s “pretty woman” dream. well… of course we can all wait for him with bated breath to sweep you off your feet. And until that time comes, we are here prodding silversplinter to take his baby steps until he learns to fly and soar….

    • I know, I know. I’m just giving him the benefit of the doubt, especially that I see he’s not the emotional type. I’m not really giving all my hope in this, but I’m interested to see how far baby steps will go… Ima update you all and I hope to be able to fly soon! 😛

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