Posted: May 24, 2010 in Dating in the City

Do you know what one-way means? In the context of meeting up people you haven’t met yet, yes the infamous eyeball (EB), it means that one person checks out the person he is supposed to meet without the other person knowing. Say you are supposed to meet in a club by the bar. One person can say he’s sitting by the bar when in fact he’s by the stage. And since the guy at the stage knows what to look for in the other guy, say his article of clothing, physical features etc., he may decide not to meet the person if he does not like what he sees.

Last friday night I decided to meet this 21-year old guy. Although no pictures were exchanged, I had a good feeling about him. But I got “one-wayed”. I knew it was him because he passed by twice and I know what he’s wearing. I just find it funny that he was still texting me while he was avoiding me. Like if I saw him and what am I going to do now. Well I left. I’m not gonna stay there. Besides, he’s not that good-looking. I can probably find someone better any day, but not online though haha. But really if it was 5 years ago, this would have scarred me. Now, I can just brush it off like dirt on my jacket. Besides, I had a back-up plan. I met someone after that, who turned out to be a slightly effeminate but really good-looking bottom hunk. Something happened yeah but I’m not gonna write the details… or maybe next time 😛

I was just wondering whether or not karma activates that fast. I mean earlier in the day one guy who’s not from manila texted me to meet me. I was really irritated by the fact that he insisted I go down to see him at Isettan while I was having dinner in Gateway Foodcourt. When I met him, I had no expectations but really I knew that we are not going to get along. Sometimes you gotta follow your instinct and since he started to get on my nerves earlier, I said I’m gonna have to go (after 10 minutes).

So this may be karmic punishment. But I was civil, I didn’t look mad at all. I make it a point to “make kwento’ and entertain the other guy even if I don’t like him. The same happened when I met my 3-day suitor. He’s been calling me for days. And texting me sweet-nothings without even seeing me in person… BTDT. Been There Done That. I say, never fall in love with a guy you haven’t met because he’s texting me “I love you’s” and “Miss you’s” already. Experience is the greatest teacher. So my reaction to this is we should meet first before anything. Turns out, he’s not my type. Bummer that he likes me. I hate it when this happens. Well if I was pathetically desperate for a relationship I would be committed right now because he really likes me after we met. Its also hard to turn someone down, because it pains me too, and we’ve experienced what its like on the other end, one way or another.

So really I behaved like a whore this last weekend I met like 6 guys. Only did it with two of them. I am overdoing it. Maybe I’m searching for the one in the wrong places. After all, I haven’t found him yet and this hasn’t been working out. Although yeah most of these were just dates and casual meet-ups but I guess I am exhausting myself emotionally. Of course there is some part of me hoping that maybe this is it, only to get disappointed and realize I haven’t gotten anywhere.

  1. DM says:

    I can relate very well to the “guy likes you but you don’t like him” scenario. It’s not easy to turn the other person down. It pains me so much.

    Also, meating..err..meeting people is really quite a challenge these days. Been there done that. But somehow over the years I lost my social skills or perhaps the interest because you know how it usually ends. More so when you intend to meet a good catch that turns out to be not yadah yadah. Not that I’m too old now (I’m actually younger than you by a year) but I guess I got tired of the usual stuff.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment. Should put up my own blog I guess. hahaha!

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