Text a friend

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Friends or Relationships but actually anything in between

So there’s this guy I met in a bathhouse a long time ago (yes, I’ve been to one). He’s actually my type or maybe someone I’d like to get to know. He’s about my age, works in the same industry, shorter by two inches, cute and manly. Nothing happened when we met, we just talked for like an hour. We exchanged numbers after that and I thought that maybe we can go out for a date. But it seemed like he didn’t want to because if he wasn’t replying, he’d text he was busy. So bummer.

Recently, by some act of fate we ‘rediscovered’ each other through romeo. And he said he lost his phone and is using a new number. I teased by saying, “You don’t even reply when I text you, so why should I bother getting your number?” But we exchanged anyway.

Fast forward today. He asked me if I met this particular guy from the site. I said no. He said that this guy hasn’t been texting since their first meeting. By this time, I knew where this exchange would go. So I said what’s the problem. He said that they had a date and it looked everything was alright and after that he’s unreachable. He said that he was falling (or has fallen) for this guy and that this guy looked like his ex, and he’s feeling insecure about his appearance, and that this guy wasn’t THAT goodlooking anyway blah blah blah ad infinitum. Well haven’t I mentioned this before in a previous blog entry? People, specifically gay men have a bad habit of disappearing unannounced. And he felt really bad about this. I really didn’t know what to say. I told him what first entered my mind, “Toughen up. Fall in love first and you lose”. Very pessimistic I admit, but it helps to limit the exchange to a halt. Because really, what can a man do? There are a bazillion reasons why someone would not answer your text messages and calls. I even had the pleasure of using himself as an example; I said, “When you weren’t replying to me, what was your reason?” To this, his reply was a “Busy, hehehe. Onga no.”  Busy? Bullshit.

That should have hit home.

  1. Mugen says:

    “People, specifically gay men have a bad habit of disappearing unannounced.”

    Sometimes we just do what others have done to us. 🙂 Sorry I had to go to sleep early last night mister nightbloom.

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