Stepping Up

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Career-Related

So, my last remaining teammate is gonna resign. In fact, I even know where he is transferring. Don’t ask me why I know, I have sources. Suffice to say, I am expecting it, so no fuss. I wish though he has done this sooner. My reaction to this is a mixture of relief and disgust; relief, because finally I won’t get to see his stressed face, sluggish gait and deal with his incompetence, disgust because my sources tell me he secured a Senior position in the company he’s transferring. OMG. Let me do that again. OMG! He clearly doesn’t deserve it. Like what is he gonna do there? sleep through meetings, let others finish his tasks, not talk to his team (unless he’s in a one-man team…) and he doesn’t even have leadership potential. His methodologies are usually more complex than they need to be. Well I say good luck to my teammate’s future teammates there. May the force be with them. LOL.

As for me, I did make that email, which was lengthy, might I add which immediately warranted a conversation with my Manager when he read it.  He even texted me and asked where I was because I wasn’t on my desk. We talked and I explained my part of the story and what I’m feeling with all these resignations and all. Of course, the salary issue was discussed but not in detail as I had liked, since he said even he wants a bigger better salary. I just hope he takes my request seriously because I specifically am asking for a 30% increase in my salary… But one thing good came out of that talk though. I am now being considered for the position of Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer which is great. So my lengthy email may not be so bad after all 🙂

Three other people are now being planned to be transferred to our team and me being the last remaining survivor, I will serve as lead, mentor and supervisor. Not bad for someone who’s had experience such as myself. Responsibility is somewhat welcome. I just don’t want my new responsibilities to be a deterrent to my social life. Wait, what social life?

  1. dave says:

    good job!

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